The Institute for Health Metrics (IHM) has solved one of the most difficult challenges in medical informatics: creating consistent, detailed, normalized data about medical outcomes in hospitals. Our team extracts clinical data directly from MEDITECH hospitals and delivers it back to those hospitals in data product “templates” in an effort to to support quality and process improvement at community hospitals across the country.  

IHM’s resulting base of comparable clinical data is unique because it is derived from community hospitals and incorporates the contents of the clinical information system used daily, including thousands of data elements per patient, such as lab results, drugs given (when/where, by whom), radiology reports, and electronic nursing and physician notes.  This centralized data system enables IHM to provide hospitals with a level of statistical analysis and reporting not feasible at individual locations.

IHM is growing rapidly, having been bundled in with MEDITECH’s sales of its 6.0 platform.  We recently received our second NIH grant, using our electronic data instead of paper-based data.  We are eager to do more to forward the cause of public health, most especially providing data for health services and other research. 

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